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Driving: Update & improvement + Self-confidence & stress management

Update / improvement

Why update your driving knowledge and abilities ?

Updating your driving knowledge is strongly recommended for the following reasons:

  • the increase in road traffic and its density;
  • the increase in the variety of vehicles encountered on the road (scooters, electric bikes, etc.)
    regular updates of legislation;
  • regular updates of legislation;
  • technological evolution of vehicles;
  • the integration of new accessories in vehicles (GPS, mobile phone, driving assistance, etc.)
  • the evolution of driving styles.

For all these reasons, we recommend that all drivers refresh their knowledge.

With our continuing education programme, prêt-à-conduire strengthen and reactivate the confidence, ease and safety of your driving, whether for short trips or for long distances.

Stressed while driving ?

When fear takes over ? 

Prêt-à-conduire listens to its customers and can provide help to overcome any fears related to driving by strengthening self-confidence. In some cases, the intervention of a professional becomes necessary …
pàc collaborates with a psychologist, specialist in FSP psychotherapy, practitioner in hypnosis and EMDR, specialized in stress management.


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