Possibility of OFFERING A VOUCHER ! For student driver or for a refresher training !

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Car practice from 75.- !

The more lessons you take, the less it costs you!

No insurance or registration fees!

Sponsorship rewarded with prêt-à-conduire !
For each person sent on your behalf, you benefit from an additional 25 minutes at your next lesson! !

Payment at the end of the lesson in cash or min 3 day in advance by bank transfer

Solo pàc (automatic & manual)

Multi pàc (automatic & manual)

Is it better to get your driving license with an automatic or with a manual gearbox?

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How long is a driving lesson? 

Prêt-à-conduire recommends a minimum lesson duration of 75 minutes, so that it is pedagogically beneficial.

The traditional length of a driving lesson is 50 minutes and that turns out to be just enough for getting to the lesson, getting settled, driving and debriefing.

How many driving lessons do I need to get my driving license?

Everyone progresses at their own pace and that depends on several factors:

  • predisposition and the ability to understand road traffic, the use of another means of transport, the perception of moving objects, the practice of a collective sport …;
  • the possibility to drive other than during practical training with the instructor;
  • understanding and applying theoretical knowledge.

What does the first driving lesson consist of ?

To drive calmly and safely, mutual trust is essential.

The first lesson lasts 75 minutes to have time to get to know each other and the vehicle, and jointly determine the strategy for you to succeed.

It will be essential to:

  • have send us one day before lesson a picture of your student driving license
  • come with your student driving licence (original)
  • wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • be able to pay for the lesson in cash


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