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Boost your confidence


Stressed out driving?

When fear takes over ?

Prêt-à-conduite listens to its customers and offers to defuse any fears related to driving by strengthening self-confidence. In some cases, the intervention of a professional becomes necessary…
Pàc collaborates with different practitioners, psychologist, specialist in FSP psychotherapy, practitioner in hypnosis and EMDR, specialized in stress management, specialist in different practices adapted to stress management, such as NLP, hypnosis, techniques emotional regulation, cardiac coherence…


Get back on the road!

Our driving lessons, assisted by an instructor and a car equipped with reassuring dual controls, allow you to reinforce and reactivate confidence, ease and safety in your driving, whether for short journeys or for long distances.

Getting back into the driver’s position

Stopping driving can happen for different reasons:

  • experience a stressful or even traumatic event while driving;
  • being stressed by his/her partner;
  • not knowing how to park quickly;
  • become parents.

Update your knowledge to reduce stress

Our continuing education courses allow you to reinforce and reactivate the confidence, ease and safety of your driving, whether for short journeys or for long distances.

Deepen your knowledge to reduce stress !

Minimizing stress does not induce other partners and their reactions begins by reclaiming traffic rules:

  • review the basics of road signs and road traffic law:
  • update changes in traffic rules.

Updating your driving knowledge is strongly recommended for the following other reasons:

  • the increase in road traffic and its density;
  • increasing the mix of vehicles encountered on the road (scooters, electric bikes, etc.)
  • regular updating of legislation;
  • the technological evolution of vehicles;
  • the integration of new accessories in vehicles (GPS, mobile phone, driving aids, etc.);
  • changing driving styles.

For all these reasons, Prêt-à-Conduire recommends that all drivers refresh their knowledge.

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