Automatic or manual ?

Ready to drive anything !

Since February 1 2019, passing a practical exam in a vehicle with automatic transmission also allows you to drive a vehicle with manual transmission!

Switching from automatic to manual is no problem with prêt-à-conduire! We use both types of gearbox and this with the same model: VW Polo; you are not disoriented!

So you are faced with several scenarios:

  • to start in manual gearbox then switch to automatic gearbox;
  • to start in automatic, change over into manual to learn gearbox and clutch skills, then -take the exam with the automatic;
    -follow the entire driving course with the manual gearbox.
  • follow the entire driving formation with the manual gearbox.

What are the advantages of taking manual transmission lessons :

  • solidarity with members of your family: the main driver cannot / does not want to drive any more and you are the only one who has a license …
  • foolproof rental: the vehicle you have rented is no longer available, you are offered a vehicle with a manual gearbox;
  • frequent traveler (predominance worldwide of manual gearbox vehicles);profession: you may have to drive a vehicle with a manual gearbox …
  • profession: you may have to drive a vehicle with a manual gearbox …

Advantages of the Polo :

Small, manoeuvrable car, roomy enough inside to drive comfortably. Narrow enough to cross each other in all serenity in narrow streets. Equipped with a flexible and economical motor.

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