Course de contrôle de sécurité

« Course de contrôle de sécurité” equal to a safety check test. It’s a maximum 60 minutes driving with an examinator from OCV. You can take the test with your car or one of pret-à-conduire.
This test may be required by the authorities in certain cases, for example following a preventive withdrawal of the driving license or if a medical report expresses reservations about the license holder’s ability to drive.

How many times can I take this exam ?

You are obliged take a practical test called a “safety check” test, and you only get one chance!     –

To put all the odds in your favor, prêt-à-conduire prepares you optimally for your Safety check test (« course de contrôle de sécurité”).

What happens if I fail the exam ?

You will have to start all over from the beginning. The whole process takes time and money. To avoid that ask for a bilan course (« DOUBLE »).

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